Pocket 3 TX


The Scanreco Pocket has an ergonomic design that fits perfect in the palm of your hand and all buttons are easily operated without shifting your grip.  Customization of the transmitter front is possible with unique decals as well as selection between blank buttons or buttons with standardized prints.

The Pocket offers a high degree of adaptability and features.  The buttons can be configured to be momentary, latching or interlocking.  Each button can be assigned to any receiver output and can also be assigned to several outputs at once.  A shift feature duplicates the functionality of each button.  The five LED's which are used for feedback from the receiver are programmable.

Automatic frequency management allows for continuous work without any interruptions caused by radio interference from other wireless equipment.  In cases where an extended operating range is required, an extra Pocket can act as a repeater for the radio link.

The transmitter communicates with the corresponding receiver using a Scanreco protocol and a unique identity code.  This guarantees that no other Scanreco transmitter or products can ever activate the machine unintentionally.  The transmitter can be configured to either only send data when a button is activated, or for a higher degree of safety use dedicated start/stop buttons that establish a permanent radio link with the receiver unit.

The Pocket transmitter is made for heavy usage an we know that our customers rely on our ability to deliver functionality they can trust - what we call Never-Stop Technology™ from Scanreco.

Scanreco Pocket 3 Transmitter
Scanreco Brochure Pocket Transmitter Cover

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