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T-Rx Std. 12BD

T-Rx Std 12BD sys

Akerstroms Remotus T-Rx Std FSK12, 12BD Standard system is a standardised push button operated radio remote control system designed specifically for robust & reliable control of DC controlled equipment, heavy vehicle applications and various other  types of heavy industrial equipment. Packed with features, ultra heavy duty, AS1418.1-2002 Section Cordless controllers compliant and SIL rated undoubtedly makes the Akerstroms Remotus T-Rx Std FSK12 12BD Standard system the absolute best mobile and heavy vehicle 12 button radio remote control system in the world today. Akerstroms Remotus T-Rx Standard FSK12 (TX55) systems have 12 two stage push buttons, a graphic LCD display and LED's on each button indicate a selected maintained function.

T-Rx Era 12BD/T-Rx 500 Specifications
Frequency 433-434MHz GMSK
Outputs Available 23 functions & 2 Stop
Inputs Available Serial :  RS 422/485
Transmitter Power 3.7V / 1.8Ah
Receiver Power 12~24V DC
Antenna Internal (TX)   External (RX)
Protection Class IP65 (TX)  IP67 (RX)
Operating Temp. -25 ~ +55 Deg. C
Transmitter Size / Weight 243 x 77 x 41 mm / 490 g.
Receiver Size / Weight 275 x 174 x 64 mm / 1.6 kg.


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