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Mercury Transmitters

Akerstroms Remotus Mercury custom built transmitters are used for everything from standard solutions to highly sophisticated machine and heavy industrial controls. The Mercury range of transmitters come in both standard models and  totally customized solutions for your specific needs.

Mercury Push Button Transmitters

Akerstroms custom built Remotus Mercury hand held transmitters are available in four robust models; Mercury Era 8B, Mercury 8B, Mercury 10B & 12B. The Mercury Era handheld transmitters have a modern and robust design. The Mercury Era transmitters weigh only 265 grams and fit easily in your hand, and are IP67 classified. The transmitters have large, easy-to-read two-stage buttons that enable double functions on each push button. LEDs on each button indicate the selected function and a separate LED indicates storage battery status and operation. The output of the Era transmitters are adaptive, i.e. if the signal strength is strong, then both transmitter and receiver “downshift” to a lower output to disturb others as little as possible. Mercury Era 8B comes standard with graphic display, Mercury 8, 10 & 12B can incl/excl a display.

Mercury Waist Transmitters

Akerstroms custom built Mercury waist transmitter line is used for everything from standard solutions to highly sophisticated machine control. The transmitters are available in three models— depending on your required functions and environment in which they’ll be used. Their features are fully customizable to your requirements. They can be equipped with indicators and display for displaying different types of information from the machine via two-way communication. The transmitters are adapted for tolerating tough conditions, such as drastic temperature differences, dust, vibrations, oil, and dampness.

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