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Akerstroms Sesam 800 radio remote control system is exceptionally robust and flexible using modern digital technology yet simple to install, maintain and operate. Communication is based on a two-way radio technology which allows for a relay/output feedback indicator on the transmitter. The system has two defined product groups. 

A family  (Akerstroms Sesam 800)  for radio remote control of  multiple doors, gates, barriers, fans, floodlights, valves, hoppers, warehouse, entertainment/stage equipment and much more. For applications that require extra high security the Sesam 800 industrial receivers can be configured for encrypted authentication. 

And a further family  (Akerstroms Sesam 800 Mobile)  specially designed to be used for various mobile applications such as winches, tail lifts, transport, pneumatic and hydraulic control. The Sesam 800 Mobile system utilises the 926 MHz frequency band with 12-channel automatic frequency selection. The system is based on 16.7 million unique codes with a guarantee that there will never be two identical transmitters on the market.

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