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Sesam 800 Mobile System

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Sesam 800 Mobile is a system specially designed to be used for various mobile applications such as winches, tail lifts, tow trucks, tilt slides, road cleaning and forest machines, and conveyor belts. The system is robust, flexible and uncomplicated and based on modern digital technology.

  • Developed for extreme environments where there are high demands on vibration and shock sensitivity
  • The transmitter and receiver are also  IP 67, and can be exposed to dust, humidity, and water without interruption.
  • Automatic Frequency control :  12 frequencies in the 926Mhz Band.
  • Duplex (two-way communication) operation.
  • Six functions + one main relay.
  • Fast radio communication response time.
  • Receiver : reinforced fibre glass enclosure and equipped with a GORE® protective vent membrane.
  • Transmitter : shock-resistant, modern design with rubber surround.
  • Robust, easy-operated buttons (even with gloves) that can handle over one million operations.
Sesam 800 Mobile System