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Remotus T-Rx

Remotus T-Rx is Åkerströms Björbo's mobile platform for radio remote control of mobile applications. The Remotus T-Rx receiver line is modular and flexible - it can be customized for your specific needs. The line also includes a large number of transmitters.

The Remotus T-Rx receivers are designed to control all mobile applications with up to 8 analogue functions, PWM (0-3 A) or analogue outputs (0-10V or 0-20 mA). The system can also be used to equip wheel loaders, excavators, mobile cranes, EWP's, low loaders etc. with radio remote control. The system is adapted for tolerating tough conditions such as drastic temperature differences, dust, vibrations, oil, and dampness.

Remotus T-Rx Transport Industry Remote Control