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Sesam 500, 800, 2000, Software System

Sesam 500

Sesam 500 Downloads

Åkerströms’ Sesam 500 is used for remote control of gates, bars, and doors. This flexible, trouble-free system builds on modern digital technology.

Sesam 500 remote control for gates, bars, and doors

Sesam 800

Sesam 800 Downloads

The Sesam 800 has various usage areas like remote control of doors, gates, barriers, fans, floodlights, and more. The system can also be used for winches and other non-safety relevant automotive applications. It is robust, flexible, straightforward, and uses modern digital technology.

Sesam 800 remote control for doors, gates, barriers, fans and floodlights

Software Sesam

Software Sesam Downloads

Software Sesam is used for mobile and fixed applications. The Software Sesam is an on-screen application that can be controlled via touch-screen or mouse function. Typical usage areas include: Truck computers mounted on forklifts that operate within a warehouse and use remote controlled gates, doors and bars. You can also use it on a stationary PC.

Software Sesam on-screen application