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Remotus Mercury Special Receivers

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Remotus RX-MLink

Remotus RX-MLink

The Remotus RX-MLink is a system for wireless data transmission between two Profibus DP busses. The system enables data communication between two busses within a large area or when direct bus connections are not possible. With the RX-MLink, you avoid expensive cable installation.

Remotus RX182-Link

Remotus RX182-MLink

The Remotus RX182-Link is a system for wireless I/O data communication between two or several RX182 units within a large area or when direct connections are not possible. The RX182Link can also connect to other Åkerströms products such as the CU96 or RX82Link.

Remotus RX-MSignal


Åkerströms’ Remotus RX-MSignal is a radio system that’s developed for serial communication between stationary computers and mobile units , or for transmission of digital or analogue signals. The system is highly suitable for installations in which cable solutions are expensive or difficult to implement.