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Remotus Mercury

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Remotus Mercury Industrial & Crane Remote Controls

Åkerströms' Remotus Mercury line contains customized products for remote control of cranes and overhead cranes and for other machine control, for example, in manufacturing, steel works, mines, and the processing industry. These products have a modular design and are easily adapted to your operation’s specific requirements. Functions, frequencies, design, and layout are easily tailor made.

Tailor made solutions

The Remotus Mercury line provides the necessary safety, security, and reliability required for wireless control in challenging industrial environments that are often plagued by drastic temperature differences, dust, vibrations, oil, and humidity. Design and material selection set the stage for making these Åkerströms’ products more rugged than ever before. Enormous emphasis was put on ergonomically designed transmitters-to facilitate ease of use.

Remotus Mercury products are modular; they can be easily modified and customized for your exact needs.

Flexible and secure frequency management

You can use the products on several frequency bands-the general 433 MHz and separate 410-500 MHz bands. Several functions enable automatic transmitter and receiver connections on an available frequency and sharing on the same frequency band. A user can maneuver several objects from the same transmitter (multi-machine operation). And several users can maneuver one object from several transmitters (multi-operator operation). A duplex function enables data transmission back to the transmitter (operator).

Portable configuration

Users can store configurations on a configuration information module (CIM) card. That way, the transmitter’s configuration can be effortlessly moved to another transmitter. Eg, an extra transmitter.