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Remotus Jupiter

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Remotus Jupiter Industrial & Crane Remote Controls

Remotus Jupiter is Åkerströms' standardized crane remote control product line. These rugged, reliable remote control products are developed for most of today’s cranes and overhead cranes and for other types of machine control they’re used on cranes and machines, in manufacturing, steel works, mines, and metal and processing industries.

Easy to install and get started

The Jupiter industrial crane remote control line offers various transmitters and receivers to choose from - depending on usage area. One is a simpler version, which handles three remote crane movements at two speeds and contains an extra function. The other is a more sophisticated version, which handles three remote crane movements at two speeds and contains three extra functions. Both versions are available in push button or joy stick configuration.

Rugged and reliable

The Remotus Jupiter product line is built to tolerate tough industrial crane use environments. Crane environments are often plagued by drastic temperature differences, dust, vibrations, oil, and humidity. Design and material selection set the stage for making these Åkerströms’ remote crane control products more rugged than ever before. Enormous emphasis was put on ergonomically designed transmitters - to facilitate ease of remote control crane & machine operations.

Secure radio transmission

Jupiter enables top security during radio message transmissions and runs a cyclic redundancy check on all 16 bits. The receiver has double microprocessors that monitor each other. Radio messages are checked before any remote relay function operates within the crane remote receiver. Command errors don’t occur and security increases dramatically. Diagnostic testing is done during operation. The system uses the general frequency band at 433 MHz. Several remote crane control functions enable operators to automatically connect transmitters and receivers on an available frequency and to share the same frequency band.

Easily configured and functional

Configuration of button functions, frequency, shutdown time, and remaining or momentary functions, is easily done from the pushbuttons. Users can store Jupiter transmitter configurations on a configuration information module (CIM) card. That way, a crane remote transmitter’s configuration can be effortlessly moved to another crane remote transmitter. For example, when a spare crane transmitter replaces the current crane transmitter. The CIM card is secured during operations but easily accessible via a service shutter.